Spray Paint DIY Roundup!

Are you up to much this long weekend? With another whole day off over the weekend, I feel like I can achieve SO much more! I really want to get some DIY in this weekend, as I haven’t done any in so long and our house really needs to start feeling more like a home – especially our bedroom!

Pinterest is so much fun, and such a great distraction from work. But, for people like me (way too easily distracted people), I can easily spend hours on there pinning everything in sight! Anywho, I came across a few cute things, ok – heaps, that I want to try and do this weekend – hopefully some of them I can take photos of and share on here – and then stumbled across some great spray painting tutorials, lots of them were so quick, simple and fairly cheap too!

I’ve complied my favourite six of the many tutorials and DIYs out there into this handy mood board! Grab some funky spray paint from your local hardware store (Mitre 10 or Bunnings should have plenty of colours) and get creative! All of these are renter friendly too – so you can easily spruce up your rental without worrying what the landlords will say!

Spray Paint DIY Round Up - Lifestyle Blog

  1. Ombre Glass Bottles on The Pink Doormat
  2. Coloured Spoons / Cutlery from Creatively Christy
  3. Spray Paint Branches How-To from Behind Closed Drawers
  4. Neon Animal Garland from HGTV
  5. Festive Doormat by 2modern
  6. DIY Novelty Drink Stirrers – with erasers – from StudioDIY

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